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We need great women to provide a terrific program.

Here are some of their stories.


Name, Unit # and Location, Leadership Positions, Years Experience:

Holly McCollum, Troop 117 at St. Christopher's Church and School, Troop Advancement Chair, also am the Vice President of Marketing for the Council and chair the Council Marketing Committee. Was Cubmaster of Pack 434 and Pack Advancement Chair as well. 8 1/2 years' experience.


Name and rank of son(s):

Evan McCollum, Eagle Scout


Why I serve:

At every Eagle Scout Court of Honor, the Eagle Scout receives a charge to "give back to Scouting what he got out of Scouting". My family has gotten so much out of our association with the Boy Scouts that I can't help but want to give back. I think every parent dreads the day when our children realize that we can’t kiss away a skinned knee or when we have (seemingly overnight) become incredibly un-cool. The Scouts in our Troop see that the adults (their parents) are involved to provide transportation, keep them safe, and to offer a dose of common sense when needed. They also realize that their peers like and respect the parents who participate with them, who joke with them, and who accept them for who and where they are in their development. That my son is glad for my involvement, and sees value in what I bring to the other Scouts in his Troop is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 


Best/proudest moment:

We were on a trip this summer and one of the ladies in our group (who was behind us) let out a loud yell as she fell down. Evan immediately turned around to help, because he knew that whatever had happened, he had the skills to help and the willingness to help.


Favorite annual event/activity:

I think it would have to be the Jamboree - an event that happens every 4 years where Boy Scouts from all over the US converge on the same campground and have a grand time.




Name, Unit # and Location, Leadership Positions, Years Experience:

Keli Burgess, Pack 496, St. Edward the Confessor Church, Metairie. Cubmaster, Popcorn Kernel, Pelican District Metairie Day Camp. 7 years experience.


Name and rank of son(s):

T.J. Burgess, 12, 1st Class Boy Scout

Mason Burgess, 8, Bear Cub Scout


Why I serve:

Because the children in our community deserve to learn how to be a part of society rather than a side effect of it.


My funniest scouting moment:

On my first visit to Camp Salmen, I stopped dead in my tracks, in the pitch black, on the way back to my campsite and faced off (for a good 5 minutes) with what I thought was surely a wolf with it's glowing eyes staring back at me! Come to find out, it was just a dog! I thought I was dead for sure.


My best scout skill:

Or super power as we call it is keeping 50+ boys organized on every trip.


My favorite annual event:

Fall Encampment because the weather is beautiful and the activities tire the boys! Coming together with so many families for a weekend of fun is what brotherhood is all about.





American's Manpower begins with Boypower





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