C.O.P.E., which stands for “Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience” has evolved into the BSA’s premier outdoor training experience which stresses team building and personal accomplishment. Our course has a multitude of low COPE activities which develop teams and individual leadership skills. These elements lead to a high element course which includes:


  • Lighting for night climbing activities
  • 13 elements:
  • “Cat Walk”
  • “Multi-Vine”
  • “Giant’s Swing”
  • “Flying Squirrel”
  • 500 ft. zip line.


This summers full, one week course will be something that is NOT to be missed!

There is a $15 fee associated with this program.

C.O.P.E. will be held during the first 3 periods of every day.

In order to participate in C.O.P.E. a scout must be at least 14 years of age before he arrives at camp

Check out the C.O.P.E. video on YouTube






The Pathfinder Area is designed to acquaint our first-year campers with life at Camp V Bar and give them many of the skills that they need to achieve the rank of First Class.

Scouts will be given the opportunity to work towards Swimming Merit Badge (or Instructional Swim depending on skill level) and First Aid Merit Badge. They will also have the opportunity to earn requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class. As part of this program, Scouts will learn how to do the following: use a compass, tie basic knots, safely use wood tools, outdoor cooking, identify poisonous plants and snakes and much more. The Patrol System will be used and taught in this area to help the First Year Camper better understand this basic talent of the Scouting program. This program will encompass all five periods of the day.

Note: The amount of material and advancement that is covered will depend on the abilities of the individual and the size of the group. More opportunities for advancement may occur during the week. Adult help is encouraged in Pathfinder. Adults helping in Pathfinder will learn the needs of their younger Scouts and gain valuable experience in helping Scouts progress towards the First Class Rank.

Merit Badge Results/ Paper work

At the End of Camp ¡VSaturday Morning, adult leaders should pick up the merit badge results and other completion materials at the Administration Building. Leaders are responsible for checking their materials and making certain that they have completion information for each Scout for each course they were enrolled in. This information will show the requirements that the Scout completed during the week. Courses will be shown COMPLETE if the Scout completed all merit badge requirements or PARTIAL if there are requirements that were not completed. It is the Scoutmasters responsibility to sign for a Scouts completion of any requirements completed prior to camp. An example of this would be the requirement for the Camping merit badge that the Scout show experience by completing 20 days and nights of camping. As this obviously cannot be done during the one camp week, the Scoutmaster is responsible for marking the completion status of the requirement for troop records.





No summer camp experience is complete without aquatics. How can anyone resist the excitement of swimming or the thrill of canoeing or boating? There's just something about the combination of Scouts and water. Aquatic facilities are for the use of registered campers and adult leaders only. Each camper is required to take a swimming test on or before arrival day (swim check) to determine his swim classification. Scouts taking any aquatics merit badge or program other than Basic Swim must be classified as a swimmer.

Activities at the Waterfront ---




Instructional Swim

(Not Merit Badge)

Instructional Swimming is offered to encourage Scouts to pass their swim test. Any Scout who does not pass the swim test will be encouraged to take Instructional Swim. 

Swimming & Lifesaving Merit Badge

Periods will be scheduled for merit badge work.  Please check the merit badge section of this manual and the merit badge pamphlets for information regarding national requirements.  SWIMMING MERIT BADGE participants must pass the swimming test.  Swimming Merit Badge is a pre-requisite for LIFE-SAVING MERIT BADGE. 

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge

Due to the limited number of sailboats, a maximum of six (6) Scouts for each session will be allowed.  Troops must pre-register Scouts for this event.  A total of twelve (12) will be allowed on a first come ¡V first serve basis.  Scouts must pass the swimming test to participate

Canoeing and Rowing Merit Badges

The Aquatic area has many canoes and rowboats for use in our lake.  Periods are scheduled for merit badge work and also for recreational use during other periods.  Scouts must pass swimming test.  ROWING is recommended for older Scouts.

Mile Swim

(Not a Merit Badge)

An individual who is classified as a ¡§Swimmer,¡¨ and makes all of the required practices leading up to participation in the actual Mile Swim may earn the Mile Swim award.  The practices will be held at 5:00pm daily on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with the final Mile Swim on Thursday.

BSA Lifeguard

Must have CPR certification PRIOR to arrival in camp.  Certification Card is required.  This is a special program for older Scouts who would like to further their skills in the Aquatics area.  This is an extremely strenuous course, and candidates will work side by side with the Aquatics Staff for the entire week.  Candidates are required to be on the waterfront all week, whenever the waterfront is open, including free times.  Earning other merit badges while working on BSA Lifeguard is NOT recommended.




Ecology and Conservation


The area of Ecology / Conservation has become of special interest to all of us as a result of our environmental awareness and the realization that the resources of our planet are limited.  Instruction in this field at Camp is strengthened by the variety of macro and micro ecosystems that exist around Camp.  The Classroom facilities are unlimited. In order to gain the most from the merit badge programs offered in the Ecology / Conservation area, Scouts are encouraged to study the merit badge subjects and requirements before arriving at Camp. Other special opportunities will be offered in the Nature / Ecology area for individual Scouts, Patrols, or entire Troops.  These include a nature trail, conservation projects, ecological study hikes, and guest specialists.  Everyone attending Camp V-Bar is encouraged to drop by the area and observe the specimens of reptiles, insects and animals as well as other exhibits on the world around us.

Our lake offers excellent fishing opportunities for the avid to the novice fisherman.  Record Bass have been pulled from the waters of Lake Morning Glory.  Camp V-Bar honors the ¡§catch and release¡¨ motto. To fish at Camp V-Bar, a Scout must obtain a fishing license.  These licenses are available only at Camp V-Bar through the Nature Director at no cost.

Merit Badge


Pre requisites


Any Scout

Requirement 9 & 11 should be completed prior to Camp.


Any Scout


Environmental Science

Recommended for Advancing Scouts

Plan for out of class time field observation.  Requires a report to be written.  Requirement 3E must be done prior to Camp.


Any Scout



Recommended for Advancing Scouts

Requirement 2 should be completed prior to Camp.

Mammal Study

Recommended for Any Scout

May want to start requirement 4 prior to Camp.


Recommended for Any Scout

Parts of requirements 4 & 5 should be started prior to Camp.


Recommended for Advancing Scouts


Reptile Study

Recommended for Advancing Scouts

Requirement 8 should be completed prior to Camp.

Soil and Water Conservation

Any Scout







Many Scouts enjoy learning to make things with their hands.  The completion of a basket, a carved neckerchief slide, a leather belt, or a metal camp utensil can develop a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm in a Scout.

The camp Handicraft Instructor is available to help Scouts who would like to work on all of the various Handicraft Merit Badges.  Of special interest may be the Indian Lore Merit Badge.  This merit badge will help Scouts understand the history and traditions of the Native American peoples.  Scout Leaders are encouraged to assist in these sessions.

Due to the fact that many Scouts can complete a Handicraft merit badge quickly, some of the courses have been combined so that Scouts can work on two merit badges for the week. Please see the merit badge Class Schedule for combinations of classes.

Before taking any of the following badges / activities, please be aware that items may need to be purchased.  Items listed below (Scouts may choose the kit of their preference):


Must be purchased (available at Scout Shop (Trading Post) at camp)

Prices subject to change by National Supply Division


2004 New requirements (1) Flat, (1) Round, & (1) Stool

$5.75     Round Small Kit
$6.00     Round Large Kit
$9.95     Stool Kit

Indian Lore

$13.00 Moccasin Kit
$10.00 Leather Bag Kit


$9.00 Hot Shot Holster
$15.00 Lancer Billfold Kit


$7.00 Duck Decoy
$3.00 Neckerchief Slide (various patterns)





Scoutcraft Area


The Scoutcraft Area provides Scouts with the opportunity to learn the outdoor skills of camping, pioneering, wilderness survival, orienteering, and first aid to name just a few.

The ability of Scouts to tie knots and lashings, pitch a tent, cook a cobbler, build a tower, ford a stream, follow a map over rugged terrain, identify and enjoy edible plants, treat a snake bite, scout a trail for animal signs, or enjoy a night under the stars is essential in the development of future Eagle Scouts.  

The Scoutcraft Area, through a combination of merit badges, short seminars, spare time, skill sessions, exhibits, hikes, and overnight excursions, will help accomplish the goal of providing Scouts and Scouters with the skill to enjoy the outdoors.

Merit Badge


Pre requisites


Athletic Scouts

Requires a lot of physical activity. 


Advancing Scouts

 Cannot be completed at camp without 20 days and nights of camping.  Requirements 8C & 9 must be completed prior to Camp.


Any Scout

Requirement 4 should be completed prior to or after Camp.

Emergency Preparedness

Advanced Scouts

First Aid Merit Badge is required prior to Camp.  Bring materials for requirement 8C.

First Aid

Any Scout

Great for New Scouts.  Scouts must bring materials to make a First Aid Kit.


Any Scout

Recommended for experienced Scouts.  Suggested First Class rank or higher.  Personal ¡§orienteering¡¨ compass is encouraged.

Personal Fitness

Advanced Scouts

Requirement 8 should be completed prior to or after Camp.  Bring 1B with you.


Experienced Scout

Suggested 1st Class or higher.  Must have totin¡¦ chit. 


Any Scout


Wilderness Survival

Any Scout

Must bring materials for a personal survival kit.





Shooting Sports 

Camp V-Bar hosts one of the best Shooting Sports Ranges in the Southern Region.  Scouts will be able to work on merit badges (or) just shoot for fun and practice.  The shooting sports range staff is committed to helping Scouts learn to master their skills in shooting and gun safety.  Scouts can choose from Archery, .22 Caliber Rifle Shooting, Muzzle-loader (black powder) Shooting, and Shotgun Shooting (with Clay Pigeons).  This is the hot spot of camp.   Black Powder (muzzle-loader) Shooting has proved to be an exciting addition to the Camp V-Bar shooting range.  The power of a Black Powder rifle gives Scouts the feeling of confidence and strength.  It is truly a magnificent experience.

Merit Badge


Pre Requisites

Must purchase Arrow Kit, available at Camp, for approx. $3.00

Recommended for


Archery is one of our country¡¦s fastest growing sports.  Scouts will have the opportunity to complete this merit badge.  Extra time is often required to practice. Time is available in afternoons for practice. Class size limited to twenty (20) per session.

$30.00 fee required

Recommended for OLDER SCOUTS

Due to the high caliber of the rifle, this Merit Badge should be taken by Scouts age 13 and over. Younger Scouts must have the

approval of the instructor.

Class size limited to four (4) per session.

Rifle Shooting
$15.00 fee required

Recommended for


Our .22 Caliber Rifle Range provides Scouts with an opportunity to learn gun safety and to enjoy ¡§Target HERE¡¨ shooting.  Top scoring Scout in each troop will be entered in the camp-shooting contest.  Class size limited to eight (8) per session.  Scouts are strongly encouraged to register early.  Special classes can be arranged with the Shooting Sports Director.

Shotgun Shooting
$20.00 fee required

Recommended for ANY SCOUT

(Young Scouts can receive test rounds on Sunday to insure that they are physically able to handle the guns.)

Experienced shooters, with approval of Shooting Sports Director, can complete their qualifying rounds during Free Time.  Due to the popularity of shooting at Camp V-Bar, preference will be given to scouts not already having the merit badge. Scouts already having the merit badge are encouraged to shoot during the free time shooting.

Class size limited to twelve (12) per session.


Climbing & Rappelling

This is an introduction to Climbing and  Rappelling on our man-made Climbing Tower structure. It is designed to teach the basics and give Scouts an exciting experience while working on requirements for the Climbing Merit Badge. Due to the natural geography of South Mississippi, Climbing Merit Badge cannot be completed at Camp V-Bar. Basic climbing methods and rappelling techniques are taught. Class limited to sixteen (16) participants.




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