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Charter Renewal Process

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Stage 1: Inventory Assessment (completed by October 31st)

  • In October each year, Units need to submit the Membership Rosters to the District Membership Committee.  Each Unit Roster is compared and reconciled against National Registration to ensure that everyone identified on the Unit Roster is registered in Scouting.  If not, then a Youth or Adult Membership Application needs to be submitted so the respective Scout or Scouter can be registered.

Stage 2: Charter Renewal Preparation (completed by October 31st)

Stage 3: Communicate Charter Renewal to Unit Scouts and Scouters (Completed by November 15th)

  • The Unit Charter Renewal Coordinator needs to communicate to all Scouts and Scouters of the upcoming Charter Renewal Process.

    • What is the Charter Renewal Process?  Each unit of the Boy Scouts of America is required to renew its charter to include renewing the registration of all the Scouts and Scouters listed on its Roster.

    • Each Scout and Scouter needs to reaffirm that they wish to continue their registration for next Scouting Year (February 1st, 2017 through January 31st, 2018).  Affirmation needs to be made to the Unit Charter Renewal Coordinator by November 15th.

    • Fees for next Scouting Year (12 months) are as follows:

      • Registration: $24.00 per person (Note: Executive Officer and Tiger Cub Adults are registered as Multiple Adults which is $0 cost.  If an adult and youth’s registration is paid by another Chartered Unit, then they are registered as a Multiple Youth or Multiple Adult at $0 cost.)

      • Boys’ Life: $12.00 per person

      • Accident Insurance: $1.00 per person

    • Individual Registration should be submitted to the Unit Charter Renewal Coordinator by November 30th.

Stage 4: Enter Charter Renewal (Completed by December 15th)

  • Units should not begin working on their on-line Recharter until 60 days prior to the Recharter Date.

  • After December 1st, the Unit Charter Renewal Coordinator, go to the On-line Charter Renewal at the following: On-line Charter Renewal.

    • Select First-Time User or Returning User and enter the unit access code.

    • Select the unit type and enter the unit number.

    • Create or enter a password as instructed.

    • Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by reentering your access code and password.

    • When you’ve completed all the information to recharter the unit, and before you click “Submit to Council” you should click “Roster Review”.  A printed copy of the charter renewal application should be reviewed before submitting the information to the council.

    • After you are satisfied with the review, click the Submit button

  • Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package, which includes the charter renewal application and lists of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults.  Acquire the appropriate signatures on the application.

Stage 5: Submission of Charter Renewal (Completed by December 31st)

  • Using the Recharter Final Checklist.  Submit the Unit Recharter Report along with completed supporting documents with a check covering all fees due to the District Professional or bring to Council Service Center for processing.

  • Once the Charter Renewal has been received at the Council Office, it will be processed promptly.  If any issues are detected it will show on the District Defective Listing.  The District Professional or a member of the Commissioner Staff will contact the Unit Charter Renewal Coordinator so the information can be corrected and resubmitted. 

It is the goal of Bayou District to have all units rechartered with no defects by January 20th to have the District 100% rechartered on time.





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